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Hassan Sun and Moon


Hassan Sun and Moon
Inspired in collaboration with a poetic work by Sally Ridgway Proler, 
after a classical Arabian poetic form known as a ghazal
is the Arabic word for horse


Original mixed media collage on canvas
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By Sally Ridgway Proler

Persia, 14thC

Hassan, horse, hot-blooded Bedouin paradox,
teach me the moon desert of your paradox.

Make your deep descent from the Kopet Mountains. 
I seek you, Beloved, the sun and moon of your paradox.

I long for your willing kinship. Teach me the wild
country of your restraint, your visceral paradox.

Treasure, you will sleep in my tent. You will be both
my companion and icon in paradox.

Your forehead holds Allah’s blessings, your arched neck,
His courage. He lives in your gentle, passionate paradox.

I will brush your golden coat, hand-feed you fat-soaked bread,
my wandering country, my war-horse paradox.

Necklaces—turquoise, carmine; layers of embroidered felt
will not veil the cool truth of your fiery paradox.

I will endure your flashing eyes whirling from
constancy in the circle of your paradox.

Submissive, cunning one, I will honor the tame and
feral heart of your loyal paradox.

I am Sarah. Take my soul on your wingless flight into
your earthy, ethereal paradox. 


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